Booth Packages & Floorplan


Download the full prospectus kit for the 2018 show.

Access live floorplan to see booth options.

Booth Pricing:

Package A Basic Package $2500 per 10x10
$1800 per 5x10
Package B Includes Pkg A PLUS 5 Meeting Pkg
- Guaranteed Matched Key Accounts
$4000 per 10x10
$3300 per 5x10
Package C Includes Pkg A PLUS 10 Meeting Pkg
- Guaranteed Matched Key Accounts
$5000 per 10x10
$4300 per 5x10

►  Single corner $275.00 premium

BASIC PACKAGE INCLUDE: 2 draped tables, 2 chairs, carpet,  8' high back drape, 8' high side rail, Wastebasket, Booth identification sign, Directory Listing, Free invitations and stickers, 500 lbs drayage per booth shipped in advance to designate in advanced warehouse

(Freight shipped to show site via common carrier and/or POV will be subject to material handling fees)

Emerging Marketplace --  To learn more about our new tabletop showplace click here

BOOTH OPTIONS CONTACT: April Holinek via email at aholinek@urban-expo.com or call 678.370.0326

All booth packages include the standard promotional package:

  • Personalized registration code- we will send you your own, unique registration code/url to add to your own buyer evites, social media and website. You will receive $25 for every new company that attends the event through your show code

  • Show website and mobile listing, including links to your website, extensive company information, including show specials and new products.

Show at a Glance
SEPTEMBER 25-28, 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
678.285.EXPO (3976)