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This new online portal makes it easier than ever to take care of important show set-up needs, including completing your directory listing,  exhibitor badge registration, digital package upgrades, listing show specials, ordering Lead Retrieval and so much more! 

Lead Retrieval

Make sure you can measure your ROI by easily collecting, tracking and accessing the contact information of the leads you meet at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show by purchasing a Lead Retrieval unit. NEW this year – Go digital and save! 


Make your brand and your products stand out with these advertising and sponsorship opportunities that promise to expand your brand and attract attention and booth traffic. Special programs can also be designed to meet your company's needs.

Free Marketing

As an exhibitor at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show, you have access to FREE exhibitor marketing tools to help drive traffic to your booth. Increase your exposure, catch the eye of potential customers and increase ROI with these easy-to-use promotional materials.


Find shipping and set-up info, general show, decorator, convention center forms and more. For any questions, please contact Fern Exhibitor Services - James Knudtson 800.774.1251 x1 or

Tips For First Time Exhibitors

As a first-time exhibitor at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show, make sure you brush up on all of the tips to a successful first show!

SCAM Warnings to Exhibitors

Directory scam

We have been advised that Construct Data Publishers has been soliciting paid listings in their publication, FAIR Guide, from exhibiting companies of some of our shows. Please be advised that Urban Expositions has no relationship or affiliation with this organization and does not recommend, approve or endorse any involvement or listing in the FAIR Guide on behalf of the any of our exhibitors. As an exhibitor, your listing in Urban Expositions’ official Show Directories is always complimentary. Returning a signed contract to Construct Data Publishers will result in advertising obligations and fees so we wanted to make sure you were aware of this.


Please report any unauthorized solicitation to Lynne Casey at

List rental scam

The Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show does not rent the attendee list. If you receive an email regarding an attendee list, please forward the email to Lynne Casey at

Housing warning

Connections Housing is the only approved, official housing vendor for the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show. We understand that unauthorized housing companies including NTA Rooms | National Travel Associates  may be contacting you advertising cheaper rates and may imply or claim an affiliation with the show or Urban Expositions. Unfortunately, some past attendees and exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies and they have either: lost significant deposits, been relocated with little or no warning, have not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked, or have not received reservations at the hotel they had thought were confirmed. So be sure to book your room through Connections Housing!