Just Add Sun with Del Sol ☼

Just Add Sun with Del Sol ☼


The October 2019 Las Vegas Souvenir Show will welcome a record number of new exhibitors to the show floor.  One of our more colorful new vendors is Del Sol. With an array of fun and festive products that CHANGE color in the sun, their line promises to brighten up your store. 

We checked in recently with Del Sol Vice President Mat Pentelute recently to learn a little more about the company, which will be exhibiting in booth 3125 during the Vegas show:




How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?

Del Sol splashed onto the retail scene in 1994 and has been sharing its clothing and accessories that change colors with sunlight in hundreds of locations in 28 countries and growing.


What is you most popular design/style to date?

Our color-changing shirt designs and color-changing nail polish collection are two of our most popular product categories among the more than 10,000 active Del Sol products that all change color in the sun.


What's new with your brand and what will you be showcasing at the Las Vegas show?

Until recently, consumers could only purchase Del Sol’s color-changing products exclusively in Del Sol stores or on the company’s website. And, Del Sol stores are typically found in premier tourist destinations and cruise ship ports throughout the Caribbean, which isn’t right around the corner for most of us.

This move will open up opportunities for other retailers to carry Del Sol’s exclusive color-changing product line. Del Sol is carving out a unique niche and launching new items that this market has never seen before, hoping to bring its sunny products to more retailers nationwide.


What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?

We’re in an experiential economy. Customers love experiencing something unique and interacting with their purchases. They want to feel and see something different. Del Sol’s color-changing products lend themselves perfectly to these ongoing trends. 


How have your customers' needs changed as of late?

Customers want more variety, customization and accessibility. Del Sol is opening up more opportunities for buyers and customers to customize their Del Sol products and to find them at thousands of locations across the U.S.


What would you say to someone wanting to attend?

Stop by for a unique, hands-on experience that will make you say, “Wow!” Especially at the Del Sol booth where you can actually see our clothing and accessories change colors with sunlight right in front of your eyes.

Be sure to visit Del Sol in booth 3125 during the show and to learn more, check out their website here.