Sail Away with these Specials from Lake Mead Cruises

Sail Away with these Specials from Lake Mead Cruises

In addition to exploring the nation’s largest souvenir show, now you can save on cruise tickets on nearby Lake Mead, too!

They're offering BUY 1 TICKET GET 1 HALF OFF! Take a load off and cruise around Lake Mead while putting a little money back in your pocket.


Every tour with Lake Mead Cruises offers passengers spectacular views of Lake Mead and the breathtaking scenery surrounding it. Photographers will love the colorful landscapes, ever-changing skies, and unrivaled panoramic views. The breathtaking landmarks include Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano), the Arizona Paint Pots and their wonderland of color, and the magnificent Hoover Dam.

An unforgettable sight and marvel of engineering, Hoover Dam stands a majestic 726 feet high and is an incredible 660 feet wide at its base.


Experience the serene Lake Mead by calling 866-292-9191 and using the code "Trade-Show Cruise" to claim this offer!