How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?

Squire Boone Village has been a leader in Custom Printed Souvenirs for 35 years. Our specialty is high-quality and unique, completely custom Souvenirs with crazy-low MOQ’s. The minimum order for any of our Custom Printed Souvenirs is only $300!

What is you most popular design/style to date?

As a must-have Souvenir, Postcards and Magnets will always be at the top of the list. At Squire Boone Village, you can order as few as 2,048 Postcards with 8 different designs with our program and 172 SOOBUB Magnets with 3 different designs! Our Souvenir Bubbles (SOOBUBS®) are made with a high-quality magnifying glass that makes all of your original artwork really stand out!

What's new with your brand and what will you be showcasing at the Las Vegas show?

We are very excited about 2 new products this year: Custom Souvenir Temporary Tattoos and Custom Souvenir Playing Cards! Our Temporary Tattoo program launched a year ago and has grown to over 15 stock designs across themes like National Parks, Zoos, Pirates and Skiing. Customers can add their Attraction or Business name to any of our stock designs or completely customize their own pack of tattoos for only $50! We designed a special Las Vegas set of tattoos that we’ll be giving away during the show! We are also launching our Custom Souvenir Playing Cards at the Las Vegas Souvenir Show and are so excited! A deck of playing cards with your logo or artwork on the backs of every card! Truly a souvenir your guests will enjoy over and over.

What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?

Customization is hotter than it has ever been. Retailers are really embracing how important it is offer custom merchandise that their customers can relate to and even use in their lives. Organically appearing on social media can make a huge difference for any attraction or retailer and when you offer your guests customized Souvenirs, your presence on social media is going to grow.

How have your customers' needs changed as of late?

Buyers and store owner/operators are so incredibly busy running their businesses; they need a buying process that is simple and fast. This isn’t necessarily anything new. Providing customers with innovative products at low prices, low minimums and with a fast turn-around allow them to stay focused on their daily operations without having to worry about inventory.  

What would you say to someone wanting to attend?

We know it is difficult to carve out time to attend trade shows, but there simply is no better way to find your next Best-Seller! Seeing a product and talking through the details and potentials with exhibitors can get you energized and allows you to find a killer profit-driver that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise.....and you can find lots of best-selling profit-drivers at Booth 2443!